Classic Nintendo Switches skin solid color block, Simple switch skin PInk, Blue, Green and Off-white Full cover 3m

Nintendo Switches skin Pastel solid color, switch skin Brown, Cream and beige Full cover 3m

About the skin :
*The skin will decorate and maintain your device.
*We use only a premium 3m vinyl with a 3M GLOSS OVERLAMINATE To create a glossy finish.
*No bubbles: The 3M vinyl is built with an invisible air channel.
*All our Skin are printed in Hi-Def graphics.
*All our skins come with an instructions page, written specifically to make the product easier to install

This design is also available in the Nintendo Switch lite skin version
Primary color
Baby pink
Pastel pink
Pastel powder blue
Pastel blue
Pastel lime
Pastel yellow
Irish cream
Pastel green
Mint green
Matcha green
Sage green
Brown sand
Brown latte
Pastel red
Pastel orange
Pastel brown
Pastel gray

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